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Educational robot kit for programmable open-source humanoid robot assembly.

Product co-financed by crowdfunding, via Goteo platform, which is currently under development.

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EIRO - Open Source Robot Kit

Do you want to build your own humanoid robot?

And do you want to learn how robots work, how they are programmed and enjoy at the same time?

Do you also want the design to be original, flexible and open source?

There's no room for doubt! What you need is EIRO.

EIRO is a robotics kit that lets you build your own humanoid robot based on open source Arduino platform and whose pieces are made by 3D printing.

EIRO robot has mobility in its legs, arms and head, being able to play, walk, dance, overcome obstacles, play sounds and be controlled with a smartphone connecting via Bluetooth.

First of all EIRO is an educational kit, so it focuses its efforts not only in training about assembly and operation of this robot, if not to teach, among other things, the history of robotics, what is a robot, necessary concepts to understand how they work, types of robots, introduction to programming, didactic exercises to undertake basic educational skills of the nursery and primary courses,... all thanks to incorporating a complete illustrated guide and an amazing app for Smartphone.

Also do not forget that EIRO can save the limitations imposed by manufacturers of conventional robots, as its essence Open Source enables modify it freely. Giving the user the possibility to modify its structural design, hardware architecture, internal code and the smartphone control app.


EIRO design is based on the traditional Galician dance costume, that’s why robot parts make use of black, red and white colors, incorporating a piece of red belt like a sash and the aesthetics of its head that recalls the cap used in this dance.


EIRO robot dimensions when mounted are 140x150x93 mm and its weight is of about 880 gr.

The material of its structure components is plastic PLA manufactured by 3D printing.

It has as central unit an Arduino compatible board, an ultrasonic sensor, a buzzer, seven servos, a RGB LED, micro-USB slot and Bluetooth connection.

And it also has an EIRO Control App compatible with Android platform.


EIRO is presented as an educational kit assembly since the construction of a robot is a stimulus for both children and adults, encouraging interest in science and motivating a healthy activity. The use of this technological resource, allows through play, develop skills such as autonomy, initiative, responsibility and teamwork. Also developing self-esteem and interest in research, while knowledge of electronics, mechanics, mathematics, physics and programming are acquired.

In short this kit supports and strengthens specific areas of knowledge and development of user skills through the design, creation, assembly and playing the humanoid robot EIRO.

The kit includes the following parts:

- Arduino compatible board
- Expansion Board
- Ultrasonic Sensor
- Buzzer
- Seven servos
- Bluetooth Module
- PC cable connection
- Robot structure parts
- Assembly Guide
- Educational Guide


Open Source philosophy is present in the structural design, hardware and software of EIRO robot.

Likewise, the Android smartphone app, for robot remote control, is also open source.

The firmware is open source and all documentation related to this device is published under Creative Commons licenses.

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